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Bridal Dresses & Accessories

Discover our stylish collections and let us help you look the best on the greatest day of your life!

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What our clients say

Great attitude. Professionals and at the same time very kind! Great dresses – jewels!
Lozina Stefanova

Unique! Great attitude, great variety and perfect final result! Zori made my dreams into reality! A big “Thank you” to the whole team!
Victoria Misheva

I have got the dress of my dreams thanks to Zornitsa Atelier ❤great attitude and professionalism!
Marina Petkova

Great professionalism combined with so much goodness and sense to the beautiful.
Antoaneta Nikolova

About Zornitsa Atelier

Fashion, like music, starts where words end. “What is essential is invisible to the eye” as Antoine de Saint Exupéry said in The Little Prince. Exupery is French, and the French can be trusted when it comes to fashion, wine, and love – a direct hit on the topic of weddings.

What our concept is?

A wedding dress is different than any dress you have ever worn or will ever wear.

The choice of a wedding dress says more about you than you could imagine. It is more than just fashion, outstanding quality, comfort, and elegance.

It is the most accurate reflection of the way you see yourself; a reflection of you. This is how Zornitsa Atelier’s dresses are different – they show the self-perception of the women they are made for.

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Булчински рокли - Зорница Ателие

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